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We just received our case back and are very pleased with the result. I am hopeful that this is your standard quality and that you are able to handle the volume of work that we intend to send to you.


It looked fine and fit perfect. I'm sending more cases Thanks


Thank you for your email, I love your work and I will keep sending you more and more work


I am happy to report that our lab found the work of your lab to be excellent.


Thanks again for fast and quality service. Case look very good!

(US Virgin Islands)

As now all your crowns and bridges are delivered, we would like to let you know, that our client is very happy with them. He rated them from good to excellent… He is very impressed by your accuracy and fast work.


Crown looked very good & I will certainly be in touch in the near future


I placed the bridge yesterday, and i was very impressed of the quality. so i decided to send you some more work


Case #2 has been cemented today. Very satisfactory.


Both cases have now been tried in and they seemed very good maybe slightly high on occlusion but still very good...i am confident that we will be able to sell these to my dentist clients very successfully. your prompt communication and customer service has so far been fantastic....welldone.....i look forward to sending you many many cases over the next 12 months.


Received the case UPS today, thank you. Crowns look good, lower left empress bridge...


One of my 2 principals, Mr... (who is German) said that your quality is very good and honest. There was slight discrepancy in color (D3 instead of A3), but knowing the fact that Germans are perfectionists - you can consider it a compliment.


the two works you sent to us are all-right - the quality is fine ! So we sent to you three new cases at wednesday - one bridge and two partial-dentures.


We try already the cases you send to us. It’s a good quality of job and service. My friends and me are happy with your works. It would be a pleasure for us to work with your lab.


The work has been really good all my dentist have been ever happy with the work.


work looks good im sending you some inlays. keep up the good work.


I have received the dentures, they have been seated and the patient is happy. I am also very pleased with the quality of your work and I shall be only too happy to do further business with you.


I just a got a very positive phonecall from Dr. K... She is so very satisfied with your work – especialy the two PFM-crowns (#15,45) which you made for her patient. They were both perfect and beautiful:-) I just got feed-back from Dr. M... – a new costumer of ours. He is very satisfied with the # 27, full metal crown, which you made for him. He’ll return and get more work done at your lab.


Your last few works fits very fine and they looks very nice. Really well done work - thank you. The crowns are inserted and everything is fine. Only 2 of them were to tight. So iดve to grind the fit. Maybe we should take more spacer next time. But you have satisfied a new customer.


A dental lab able to serve the purpose: both in accuracy and in aesthetics.


I received the case. The result is good: comparable to what Belgian technicians do for me: I am very pleased with the correct service and we will surely keep on doing business with you.


I receive 3 boxes. the work is good thank you.


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