Crown & Bridge basic :

Crown & Bridge basic: The placement of an indirect restoration requires preparation of a cavity with undercut-free cavity walls to allow a path of withdrawal and insertion of the completed restoration. This allows a pattern or impression to be removed from the cavity. The finished restoration should be capable of insertion into the tooth without the generation of stress. Preservation of remaining tooth structure is important because the restoration relies on the strength and integrity of the remaining prepared tooth subst...

Restoration Assessment

Restoration Assessment Before considering embarking on indirect restorations, patients should be assessed to ensure that their periodontal condition has been stabilised and their caries risk is low...

Restoration choice

Restoration choice This is generally considered to be the most satisfactory extracoronal restorative material. It has a hardness similar to enamel, and occlusal and axial contours can easily be built up in the wax prior to casting. Cast gold alloy restorations include single and multiple surface inlays....

Tooth preparation

Tooth preparation All preparations should have the maximum height and minimum taper for optimal resistance and retention form consistent with the chemical situation.To achieve this and to permit an adequate thickness of restorative material without over-contour, the surface of the preparation

All-Ceramic preparation (download pdf file)

Cercon preparation (download pdf file)

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