The Land of Smiles

So why outsourcing to Thailand? What Thailand has to offer you for offshore manufacturing site? The following reasons explain why you can put your complete trust on Thai dental laboratory like Excel Dental Lab to fabricate superior quality prostheses and bring beautiful smiles to your patients.

Skillful Labor

Although not having the cheapest labor cost in Asia, Thailand boasts an abundance of highly skilled workforce which supplies several hand-made export industries such as garment, jewelry, handicraft, ceramics & pottery, and so forth.

Thai personnel are so adept in artistic creation and aesthetic handwork. In dental laboratory industry, we require the same aesthetic mindset to produce natural-looking ceramic teeth with high degree of precision and details.

Culture of service and hospitality

Thailand has gained a well-known reputation throughout the world for its gracious hospitality. The friendliness of its people and the diverse nature of Thai culture make foreigners feel at home in Thailand or doing business with Thai people.

At our lab, we serve you with truly “human” touch. You will not feel like you are working with an assembly line in a large factory. Inside the company, we are operating as a big family and we also extend this warm family values to our clients. Each of our customers who visited Thailand has become our close friends.

Health care and medical tourism

In terms of healthcare, Thailand has developed a good reputation globally, due to its internationally qualified doctors and medical staff, and modern facilities and equipment. It is so good that one of the fastest-rising tourism sectors is medical tourism, with international patients visiting Thailand to take advantage of Thailand's world-class and extremely affordable health care system.

According to WHO ranking (World Health Organization), Thailand's health care system is rated with high score, close to European countries and USA. (Switzerland #20, Germany#25, USA #36, Thailand #47, Mexico #61, Turkey # 70, India #112, China #144). more details

Top hospitals in Thailand that cater to foreign patients:

Bumrungrad Hospital
Bangkok General Hospital
Samitivej Hospital

Social and political stability

Thailand is a welcoming Buddhist country. The country's form of government – constitutional monarchy – allows democratic processes and reforms, and is balanced by the Thai people's peace-loving nature, high reverence for the Thai Monarchy, and devotion to the teachings of Buddhism. While the vast majority of the people in Thailand are Buddhist, all religions are welcome.

Human rights

Thailand recognizes the universality of human rights and adheres to the principles enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thailand’s peace-loving tradition also provides firm foundation for human rights promotion and protection and instills among Thai people tolerance, understanding and acceptance of differences and diversity. The Thai government has set certain labor standards such as basic wages and working hours, and also created a social safety net that covers most workers.

Business integrity

We always use authentic materials from world-leading brands (all are CE-certified). Unlike some other labs in Eastern countries, we never attempted to minimize our cost by counterfeiting or utilizing sub-standard materials/components. Check our materials list.

You are always welcome to visit our lab facility in Bangkok and inspect how we work. As a Buddhist society, we believe in honesty and integrity in everything we do, which would result in a long-lasting business relationship.

Overview of Thailand

Useful links about Thailand:

Thailand's advantages (Source: Thailand Board of Investment)

We realize that we are not the cheapest provider in the region, but we assure you that we can offer the best value for your business over the long term.

Why paying the lowest-possible price but risking your patient’s safety and the credentials of your practice?

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