Shipping Instruction

To send us a parcel, please prepare the following items:

1. Rx form or Lab Prescription form
- Download PDF file
2. Tooth Impression or Working Model
3. Opposite Model
4. Bite registration (if necessary)

Our total turn-around time is 8-9 business days (in laboratory and 2-way shipping time). Arrangements can also be made for rush cases. For logistics and customs regulatory reasons, please contact local FedEx courier ( to send us your package. They will provide you with international shipping documents - "Commercial Invoice" and "Air Waybill". You can also request for free shipping packages (e.g. Box, Pak).

Commercial Invoice

This document must be enclosed on the parcel for customs purpose. Please request this from FedEx.
- Print out blank commercial invoice form

Air Waybill

The document displays sender, receiver, shipment info etc. Complete the following subjects on the Air Waybill:


Input your address


Input Excel Dental Lab address details

Recipients' Name: Vichest C. Suthikul
Phone/Fax: +662 277 6343
Company: Excel Dental Lab Co.,Ltd.
Address: 83 Soi Pracharatbamphen 18, Huaykwang
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Zip or Postal Code: 10320


Description of goods and declared values for Customs

It is very important to declare package details on both Air Waybill and Commercial Invoice as follows:

* Goods or Commodity Description = "Tooth Model"

* Unit value or Value For Customs = " 2 USD" or "2 EUR" per case (not per unit, one case may have multiple units)

Express package service (or Type of service)

Mark "International Priority".


- Always use FedEx Pak for small-sized shipment up to 2.5 kg (5 lbs) because of lower shipping cost.
- For larger-sized shipment or shipment weighing more than 2.5 kg (5 lbs), you can use FedEx Box or your own box (beware of dimensional weight).


Mark Sender or Recipient in case you receive account number from us.

FedEx Airway Bill Sample

For example, you are sending us 4 cases.

1. patient A ( 5 units of PFM bridge)
2. patient B ( 3 Full Gold Crowns)
3. patient C ( 1 Procera Crown)
4. patient D ( 1 Veneer)

1 = Commodity Description: "Tooth Model"

2 = Values for Customs: 8 EUR ( 2 EUR x 4 cases)

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