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Excel Dental Lab is an ISO 9001 certified offshore dental laboratory, located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have delivered dental prostheses to clients around the World, namely USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Denmark. We offer a wide range of products such as Crown & Bridge, Porcelain fused to Metal, Full Metal Crown, All-Ceramic, CAD/CAM, Zirconia, Cercon, Procera, Lava, E.max, Empress Esthetic, In-ceram, Implant, Partial Frame, Acrylic Denture, etc.

Superior quality
We can offer you perfect solution for offshore dental laboratory and are committed to providing consistently highest quality restorations at LOWER PRICE!!!.

Excellent turnaround time
We have experience in exporting our dental works to various countries in Europe and USA over the years and pride ourselves on our ability to provide your case in a timely fashion. All packages will be shipped back to you via FedEx priority service.

Exceptional customer service
Our lab works with clients as an international team and always serves highly demanding dentists with personal attention. Today, we utilize advanced communication tool and technology in our lab.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Our works are satisfaction guaranteed with 2-year warranty. We do not charge for remakes and adjustments.

High Standard of health and safety regulations
According to WHO ranking (World Health Organization), Thailand's health care system is rated with high score, close to European countries and USA. (Switzerland #20, Germany#25, USA #36, Thailand #47, Mexico #61, Turkey # 70, India #112, China #144).

Land of beautiful smiles
Why outsourcing to Thailand? Skilled labor, aesthetic mindset, culture of service & hospitality, business integrity and simply sincere smiles :)

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Excel Dental Lab Co., Ltd.
83 Soi Pracharatbamphen 18, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310 THAILAND
Office: +662 277 6343, +662 277 6344 ;  Mobile: +6685 908 8411 ; Fax: +662 277 6347
Email:  Website:
Skype: exceldentalbkk
Viber Tango Whatsapp : +6684 644 5865

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